ASFE.dk - Welcome to my site and collection

I hope you will enjoy the many different stamps and the index.

The list of my collection areas are comprehensive and it is very difficult to mention all of them. I am trying to collect one stamps of every selection of all obtainable countries - colonies - provinces - occupations - local - railway - bus - packet - fiscals – pre cancels - Interpostals - Zemstvo – Hotel post - Franchise - Service - Telegraph - ship areas - fantasy - official, revenue and city-stamps.

There are more than 51.700 different possibilities
I am only missing about 10.600 of them and some areas. I give up in advance, as the price is too high. The most common areas I have collected. I try to find only one stamp about of any place from all over the world. Can you also help me with information about all different other local, towns, bogus, ship, railways, revenue, packet etc. I will be very happy.

I have no interest in stamps of great value and it would not be possible for me to give you similar stamps in exchange. On the other hand I would be very pleased to receive, the origin of which you do not know, if any, as half of my pleasure is to succeed in finding the origin.

Vagn Andersen