A very small selection of all obtainable countries

I am trying to collect a very small selection of all obtainable countries - colonies - provins - occupations - local - railway - bus - packet - fiscals – pre cancels - Interpostals - Zemstvo – Hotel post - Franchise - Service - Telegraph - ship areas - fantasy - official, revenue and city-stamps.


Townpost is in many countries ex.: Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Russia, Egypt etc. - (Holte, Tromso, Bakhmut, Köhl, Karlskrona, Västervik, Apolda, Dmitriev, Abouchoukous etc.)

Fantasy stamps & cinderella, Sedang, Flatholm, Christinia, ACCR, Camel express, Adelaide Tram st., etc. There are about 1700 different places some I knows too, most of them are produced in USA, but also many from Europe.

Occupation: - Otwock, German occp., Lipso, Biafra, Japon occ. etc.

Local stamps - Tibet, Canton Luzern, Belap, Ceuta, Bhopal, Hannover, Lodz, Koto, New Skotland, Neapel, Cos, Rhodos, Tolima, Hertford College, Brzeziny, Wuppertal, Tomsk, Culiacan, etc. (Many from South America, India and China I don´t have). 

Hotel stamps: I know of Hungary, USA and Rumania. 

Private post known from most Germany -English -Dutch, Sweden,-Spain-places and later also from Russia-Ukraine etc. - (Caldey Island, Gruinard, Madrid, Novelda, Privatpost Mullsjö, Moon River, Soho Local post, Dresden, Erfurt - Courier etc.)

Stamps post (abroad) from other countries Indien post in Congo, Frances post in China, Germany post in Jerusalem, Russia post in Laventen, Chile post in Peru, some military post from other countries etc.

Military stamps: Flieger Kompagnie 18, Füs.Bat 49, Aktivdienst (from Schwies), Ifor-Bosnia, Vestarmee, etc.

Railways post - Ferry post - Ship post, Ronne-Allinge Railways, Silkeborg-Herning, Amager-railways, Horsens-Odder etc. Bandholm, Thor S.S. Ferrypost, Laesoe, NZ Railway Newspapers, Ferro Carril Andino, Great Central, Juelsminde, etc. But also Sweden -Norway -Finland - United Kingdom -South Africa, Germany -Australia and many other countries have special stamps about some lines. (Kent Sussex Gr, London Country Bus service LTD, Thor S S, Helsingfors Bocaco s.s., Wasa Jernwag, Adams Expres, Tonsberg-Eidsforbanan, U.G.J. Uppsala, etc.)

Strike post from especially United Kingdom. But also from The Netherlands you find from:.Streekpost, Emergency Mail, Liverpool private etc.

10 % stamps from Belgium, Overprint on Belgium stamps from 1946 (there is about 500 different town overprint)

R.F: stamps from France, Local overprint from 1944, there is about 40 different places.

I would like to sent my special thanks to this people